Kitchen Gadgets

In this modern day era there are many gadgets to make life a lot easier when cooking in the kitchen.

Flavor Shaker

This a great substitute for the old fashioned pestle and mortar. I think it was invented by Jamie Oliver. It consists of two halves which screw together and a ceramic ball. The idea is you put whatever you want to crush or bruise into the bottom half, add the ball and then screw on the top. You then shake it for about half a minute and hey presto the job is complete.

Garlic Stripper    

If you are like me, taking the skin off garlic can be very tedious. The garlic stripper consists of a simple rubber sleeve about 1½ inches in diameter. You put the garlic clove in the sleeve and then you roll the sleeve in the tube with your hand on your chopping board. 4 or 5 rolls and the skin has separated from the garlic.

Mango Stone Remover

Many years ago when I was at boarding school in Nairobi, Kenya we would occasionally get a whole mango for dessert. We would take a knife and cut down the mango on each side getting as close to the stone as possible. You then criss crossed each half with a knife, turned them inside out and ate the mango straight off the skin. We would the throw the stones at each other across the dining room. This is still the time honored way of dealing with a mango. However there is now on the market a mango de-stoner. In essence it does exactly what we used to do with the knife. You simply stand the mango on its end and push the destoner down and you are left with the two sides of the mango separated from the stone.

Remote Thermometer

This is a most useful gadget for measuring the internal temperature of meat while it is cooking. You inset the probe into whatever piece of meat your cooking(usually roasting) set it and then as it cooks you read off the temperature on the remote reader which you can even carry around with you. The more sophisticated models will even speak the temperature as it rises.

Citrus Juicer

A very simple lever operated orange, lemon or lime juicer. You cut the fruit in half and put one half in the juicer with the open side against the outside. Then just close the lever and you’ve all the juice out of that half.

All things to make work easier in the kitchen.

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