What kind of a cook are you?

I think cooks basically fall into three categories:

Those that like cooking,


Those who don’t like cooking and                                        




Those who have to cook. This latter category embraces anyone who has to cook in order to get something to eat, albeit for themselves, better halves or the rest of the family.







There is of course a fourth category – those who earn money by cooking. However they would probably prefer to be known as chefs.


This website caters for those who enjoy cooking  and with a little more practice are getting better at it.

We’ll take a look at equipment, both the basic stuff and of course the plethora of gadgets. Also some of the essential ingredients like cooking oils, spices and herbs.

The recipe library is growing. All those included so far are well within the capability of even the basic of cooks.

Let me know how you get on.


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